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NASAL TECH is a department of NASAL created for the development of interactive applications. In a 3D graphic environment we create anatomical virtual representations, pathology visualizations and/or virtualization of possible solutions. Multi-platform applications with functionalities adapted to customer needs (diagnosis, management, patient education, etc.) and a usability studied and adapted to each environment (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.).


In achieving the expertise in the development of medical oriented apps we created a multiprofessional development team made up of physicians, 3D artists and software developers. We blend in with the latest technologies developing our apps in all kind of operating systems and portable devices, generating the opportunity to create investigation developments.


We are experienced in the development of 3D Interactive apps, such our 3D Nasal Vista (a 3D anatomical atlas of the nasal cavity), the advancement of software to graphically represent problems & treatments for patients in odontologic clinics and the creation of both, online and face-to-face courses, with an improvement on the online learning by enriching them with custom made multimedia contents.


We are also experienced in live broadcast of audiovisual contents, counting with all kind of state of the art cameras (endoscopic, robotic, microscope cameras, etc) as well as multi-camera live broadcasting. Amongst our assets, we include an experienced edition and postproduction team, with valuable experience in surgery and dissection movies as well as in audio recording and editing.